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Worthington & Martinson Send Plea to Senator Wyden

On June 28, Roger Worthington sent this plea to Senator Ron Wyden asking him to step up and defend the Eastside Screens rule, a rule designed to protect mature trees greater than 21" diameter in forests on the east side of the Cascades in Oregon and southeast Washington.

Worthington - Codify the Protection of Big Trees
Download PDF • 158KB

The Trump administration gutted the rule in January 2021, just five days before he left office. The changes grant the Forest Service the OPTION of protecting large trees and working with the public on monitoring agency activities in the forest. Roger's passionate request is a template for the support we hope to see from the public on this issue.


One day later, WGC Executive Director Rick Martinson sent the following to a number of Oregon's congressional delegation.

Martinson - Letter to Congressional Delegation
Download PDF • 142KB

This letter took a slightly different approach; discussing some of the language in the 2021 decision to downgrade the Eastside Screens rule to a "guideline."

We believe a personal perspective and an academic review are effective on their own, but together has the potential to compel action by our representatives.

We can't let this issue go. The time is now. Large diameter trees figure prominently in recent studies on our climate emergency. If we don't act immediately, we're going to lose the opportunity to increase carbon sequestration, preserve a biodiverse world, maintain clean water, and provide recreational and social benefits. As the saying goes, we must act locally to make a significant difference.

Please join the effort!


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