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Worthy Organic Farm, A Regenerative Endeavor

We are a small but mighty demonstration and working ecological farm that focuses on regenerating soil health. Using intensive growing methods to prevent wasted space, we work with nature to create a beneficial ecosystem that is better for the health of our community and the environment. When one crop is removed, it is replanted quickly. Our produce goes directly to the WORTHY BREWING kitchen, which is steps away from the farm, providing a menu dedicated to locally grown ingredients.

The Worthy Farm is also a unique and interactive outdoor classroom where we love to educate visitors about gardening and inspire innovative and new ideas. We offer several gardening, seed saving and pollinator classes throughout the year. Keep an eye on our EVENTS CALENDAR or sign up for our mailing list below.

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What we grow

We grow an incredible diversity of exceptional quality vegetables that go directly to our kitchen for use in the pub - over 15 different crops and 45 varieties. Excess produce is donated to the Central Oregon Food Bank and other organizations supporting unhoused and low-income populations in central Oregon.


Farming Practices

Our production methods are based on creating living soils. Soils are the base of a healthy ecosystem and fertile farm. We practice ‘no till’ or ‘minimal till’ growing, minimizing our impact on soil biology by not unnecessarily disturbing the natural soil structure. We add compost and organic fertilizer, grow cover crops and practice crop rotation to encourage bacterial and fungal life, allowing a balanced soil web to thrive.

Tours & Field Trips Available

We are passionate about the work we do and love sharing with our community! We host a variety of groups on site and are happy to accommodate school groups.

Contact our farm manager Jessica at for more details.

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