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Stoney River

"Worthy environmental connects people to the natural world and cultivates a community of environmental stewards working together to build a greener and healthier planet THROUGH ADVOCACY, ACTION AND EDUCATION."

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Worthy Environmental was established as the Worthy Garden Club in 2013; a small organization offering education in sustainable gardening and native plant landscaping, and uniquely, an opportunity to learn about the cosmos in the only professional observatory within Bend's city limits.  Since our inception, we have grown to include a small-scale regenerative farm and an active conservation program completing on-the-ground restoration and conservation of natural areas throughout the west.  We also work closely with and support the academic and science community completing primary research into the importance of mature and old-growth forests around the world.  These essential programs have expanded the scope and impact of Worthy Environmental well beyond the original vision.

Our mission remains the same: to cultivate a community of environmental stewards.  But our methods, scope, and impacts continue to evolve and expand.  We're excited about the work we do, and look forward to what the future brings for us and for the issues we're most passionate about.



To maintain equitable access in the Central Oregon community, Worthy Environmental has no formal membership or associated fees. All of our EVENTS, unless indicated, are open to the public and free to attend.  Registration may be required.

Sign up for our mailing list below to get advance notice of events and volunteer opportunities, and stay up to date with Worthy Environmental happenings.

We're currently building a volunteer base for various planting projects, conservation work, the Bend Pollinator Pathway program, and Worthy Farm or WinterCreek Nursery assistance.


Email our executive director, Rick Martinson, to add your name and areas of interest

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You're in!


Your donations are used to support the development of educational opportunities in sustainable living, regenerative farming and pollinator conservation, as well as ongoing in-house "rewilding" of natural areas in several ecological regions of Oregon. Donations also help fund primary research and advocacy in preserving mature and old-growth forests regionally and nationally, and as part of our work building future conservation and restoration leaders through the East Cascades Native Plant Hub.

Thank you for your support!  We couldn't do this without you.

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