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Image by Markus Spiske

Worthy Environmental works to make the world a better piece of ground through education, action and advocacy.

Conservation and natural science education is the thread that holds our programming together.

Our on-site farm and gardens provide ample opportunity for sustainable gardening education while our one-of-a-kind Hopservatory works to conserve our dark skies and make astronomy accessible to the general public.



Since early 2022, we have developed a robust program in natural areas conservation, education and advocacy for the important values associated with a diversity of ecosystems ranging from sagebrush-steppe to old-growth coastal forests.


We are actively working to restore or "rewild" biologically important areas in coastal rainforests on our 10 Mile property, and have created partnerships with Oregon State University and the National Park Service to develop a network that addresses the critical need for restoration and conservation of sagebrush-steppe vegetative communities throughout the west.

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