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West Bend Project Photos

These photos document the removal of large diameter ponderosa along the Pine Drops trail in the Phil's Trail mountain biking trails complex. The stated objective of the harvest was to improve fire resistance and maintain mature forest structure. However, the oldest and largest trees were removed; the trees with the greatest fire resistance because of thick bark and high crown heights. The smaller trees that are more susceptible to fire were left, reducing the overall resistance to fire, decreasing carbon storage capacity, and threatening biodiversity within the project area. This doesn't make sense.



Supporting Research:

Mildrexler: Large Trees Dominate Carbon Storage East of Cascade Crest
Download PDF • 1.80MB

Cohen: A More Effective Approach for Preventing Fire Disasters
Download PDF • 643KB

Downing: Human Ignitions on Private Lands Drive USFS Wildfire Transmissions
Download PDF • 5.64MB

DellaSala: Have Western Fire Suppression and Megafire Management Become a Contemporary Sis
Download • 2.53MB


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